I made the I AM, Empowerment Oracle Card Deck, to
empower and connect women all around the world, to
their inner wisdom.

Connect to their soul and source.

To map the neurological receivers of the brain, to build a new healthy subconscious. One that is matched to the truth of who we really are. So all woman can embrace their own inner light and shine.

I dedicated this Empowering deck to myself, and all women that walk this earth, no matter where they live.
I chose 5 amazingly powerful women in my life. to create the words of their own card. To honour and empower them. These 5 women are my best friends.

If I could personally dedicate a card, to every woman I know, and every woman in the world, I would. Women need to be reminded how magnificent and amazing they are, each and every day. As we give so much of our hearts and souls to the ones we love.

I invite you all to embrace who you are, I invite you all to enjoy this beautiful empowerment Deck.
With love and respect to all woman, and to the Men that love and support woman for all that they are

Thank you from Katherine Baldwin-Thomson.

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P&H at $9.95 & International post at $26.00

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