The Happy Stick has been created by Katherine at Angel Soul Healing so that anyone can enjoy the benefits in the comfort of their own home.

The Vortex Subconscious Healing has been recorded by Katherine and her Amazing team of Guides including the Archangels of the universe, Pure Source, Jesus, Quan Yin, Kalyour and so many more!

Being able to use the Vortex Subconscious sound healing in your own home is very exciting!

With Sound transcending and releasing blocks through all space and time, its the easiest way to let go with out leaving home.

Each Happy Stick has been design to realign, cleanse, and up grade the chakras and clear each aura layer connected to that chakra, aura layer and meridian. The happy stick is best used as a 7 stick healing pack, but can be used separately.

Encoded with the Vortex Subconscious Sound healing, healing your body, upgrading the DNA and physical body.

What are the proven benefits to healing and upgrading the chakras on long term bases?

Benefits of clearing and balancing chakras

– Increased awareness and openness to
Psychic and Spiritual Information

– Faster and greater ability to heal your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues

– Easier Release of Non Supportive Patterns
– Increased Passion for Life
– Experience the Power of living Present
in the Now
– Increased manifesting ability to create
what You want in life
– Access financial wisdom
– Enjoy healthy and loving relationships
– Self confidence to accept and express
– Ease in experiencing Love and forgiveness
of self and others.
– Increase the health and strength of your
immune system
– Recognition and increase intuition
– Access your inner wisdom
– Enjoy the clarity of a focused mind
– Abundant inner guidance by maintaining
a strong connection to Source
The list goes on and on!

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JDC SystemsI made the I AM, Empowerment Oracle Card Deck, to
empower and connect women all around the world, to
their inner wisdom.

Connect to their soul and source.

To map the neurological receivers of the brain, to build a new healthy subconscious. One that is matched to the truth of who we really are. So all woman can embrace their own inner light and shine.

I dedicated this Empowering deck to myself, and all women that walk this earth, no matter where they live.
I chose 5 amazingly powerful women in my life. to create the words of their own card. To honour and empower them. These 5 women are my best friends.

If I could personally dedicate a card, to every woman I know, and every woman in the world, I would. Women need to be reminded how magnificent and amazing they are, each and every day. As we give so much of our hearts and souls to the ones we love.

I invite you all to embrace who you are, I invite you all to enjoy this beautiful empowerment Deck.
With love and respect to all woman, and to the Men that love and support woman for all that they are

Thank you from Katherine Baldwin-Thomson.

Deck at $39.95 Local
P&H at $9.95 & International post at $26.00