Katherine Baldwin-Thomson

C.E.O and Founder of Angel Soul Healing. Healer and teacher of The Vortex Subconscious Healing Modality. Owner and Manager of The Angel Soul Healing School and Centre.

Katherine is an Advanced Master in The Vortex Subconscious Sound Healing, Subconscious Specialist, Reiki Master, Shaman Master, Advanced Multi-Dimensional Soul healer, Pallowah Practitioner, Trance Channel Master and Doreen Virtue Realm worker. Katherine purely channels with Jesus, Kuan Yin, The Archangels of the universe, Uluru, pure source and so many more.

She needed to become the light so she too could be a light for millions.

Katherine’s amazing ability to channel through the healing needed to clear peoples fears, phobia’s and life long believe systems and patterns is incredible.


The highly technical Healing focuses on the
neurons of the brain, then track down deep
into the subconscious where it is then removed.

Case studies of Multiple personality disorder
of 30 plus personalities brought down to one
clear personality.

Case study of bipolar and depression
dissolved in weeks.

Case Study of life long crippling fears
evaporated in one session on many cases.

Case Study of phobias can be removed
in one treatment.

Case study of healing a clients third degree
burn in just three weeks, with no scaring or
skin crafting needed.

The List of the results of The Vortex Subconscious Healing goes on and on.


Her belief and trust in this work of knowing we can all be healed was concreted when she herself was told she may never walk again after a drunk driver side swiped her car and crushed her foot. After major surgery and unknown weather she would walk? Katherine was sent home for 6 months as it was not known by the Drs what the next step would be for her. In some hope time may heal? Katherine healed herself everyday for three hours  for 6 months. Gently healing bone, nerve damage, muscles and tendons. To discover that she would indeed walk again on her next visit to the hospital much to their shock Katherine had healed herself enough to be able to walk again.

It is one think to heal clients and get success after success, but to heal her own bone, tissue and nerve endings to walk again is something totally different.

Through healing and courage we can all become all we wish to be. This work does take full dedication from the client and courage but we are worth it!

This Modality is fast, effective, Channeled by pure source light. This  Vortex Subconscious Healing provides a safe place for subconscious to leave the mind and body, to be reprogrammed so we can learn to be unlimited, so we can learn the truth.

There for we help people unlearn and clear everything  in their subconscious they think they know about themselves, deep in their subconscious and teach them the truth of how Amazing they really are!

The Incredible and magnificent results we see each and every day are just mind blowing!

The strength and love of the people we help each day warms my heart and shocks me ever minute!

Each person we see are all on the journey to realizing that we are love, we are brilliant and we are free!

Don’t just take our word for it.
See what our clients have to say!